Cadienne Obeng - If you Believe it, You CAN do it.

L.A. AFRICAN: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? 

CADIENNE: I’m a millennial screenwriter and actress who has found many outlets to express my visions. I’m blessed to have come from a Jamaican mother and Ghanaian father who have supported my creative career from an early stage.

I’m also a proud orange-woman. During my time at Syracuse University, I created and wrote the three season hit YouTube series Struggle Bus which was the start to my love for screenwriting. I think I knew I was destined for entertainment when I began lining every toy I owned along the fireplace in my New Jersey home and making a stage play out of it before I could write my name. I believe my parents got the hint as well.

L.A. AFRICAN: What have been some challenges you've faced on your journey? What did you do to overcome them? 

CADIENNE: The biggest challenge has been getting others to believe in me the same way I believe in myself. Creative careers don’t tend to have the blueprint that a career in Law or Education may have but that doesn’t make them any less attainable.


Managing the fear of your loved ones, can be a heavy weight to carry when you’re trying to choose the best path for yourself. I am blessed to have reached a point in my life where other people’s concerns mean very little to myself and my plans.

I had to come to terms with what I cannot change and start working on what I can prove.

L.A. AFRICAN: What keeps you motivated?

CADIENNE: I found my tribe!

When I first moved to LA, I kept hearing people say, 'find your tribe' and I wasn't sure what that looked like or when it would happen for me. But sure enough, it happened.

As I reflect on where I am today, where I'm going and who is coming with me, I'm nothing short of excited for all of us.


L.A. AFRICAN: Is there any advice that you would like to lend to individuals looking to get into your industry or just in general?

CADIENNE: If you believe you can do it, you CAN do it.

No one else is capable of assessing your worth nor your potential. No one has the time to hold your hand, and they won't. My advice is to believe in the "crazy" ideas that replay in your head and take the first step towards them, because right after that first step is another, and that pattern will turn into you fulfilling your dreams.

L.A. AFRICAN: If we gave you $50,000 and said you had to do something with it in the next 24 hours, what is the first thing you would buy/do and why? 

CADIENNE: I would finance my latest digital series, BAGS! But even if you don't give me the $50K, keep your eyes peeled for the new series to debut online. You can follow the journey @bags.series!